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Cricket Basics
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Batting Skills
Given the goals of batting, a batsman must possess good hand-eye coordination, reflexes, strength, running speed, sound judgment, and of course knowledge of cricket rules and an understanding of cricket strategy and tactics.
These basic skills are put to use in specific actions such as:
* Preventing the ball from hitting the wicket (which would result in the batsman being out bowled).
* Avoiding being hit in the legs in front of the wicket (which may result in the batsman being out leg before wicket).
* Avoiding hitting catches to any fielders (which would result in the batsman being out caught).
* Avoiding being hit by the ball in a way that might cause injury.
* Hitting the ball with the bat with precise placement, timing, and strength to avoid fielders.
* Judging when it is safe to take a run, and taking the run.
Types of batting shots
The act of hitting the cricket ball is called a shot or stroke. Batting involves knowledge and skill in several different types of shot. Good batsmen usually also have what is called "balance", which more or less involves stability of the body with synchronized movements of the shoulders and feet. There are a variety of shots a batsman can play:
Having taken a long stride, a batsman blocks the ball with a forward defensive shot.
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