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Cricket Basics
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In cricket, an indipper is a delivery that curves into a right-handed batsman before the ball pitches (bounces on the pitch). Dippers are generally bowled by fast bowlers as a surprise delivery. Another common term for the indipper is the in-swinging yorker if it is pitched on the batsman's toes. For left-handed batsmen, the delivery moves away from him/her. Dippers are a full-pitched type delivery.
The outdipper is considered to be more lethal as compared to the indipper as it is extremely difficult to hit the ball in a desired area. Dippers generally are extremely difficult to score off and are usually a terrific delivery to bowl during the last 10 overs of a One-day international innings.
Dippers usually get batsmen dismissed — Leg before wicket or Bowled. It is easy to bowl dippers in hot, humid conditions rather than in cold conditions with a soft worn out ball. With reverse swing and yorkers dippers are a deadly delivery.
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