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(Compiled by Sudhir Vaidya)
Highest Total
529 Dadar Union S. C. v/s P. J. Hindu Gymkhana
Lowest Total
10 Khar Gymkhana v/s Shivaji Park Gymkhana, 1956
10 Parsee Cyclists S. C. v/s Karnataka S. A., 1988
12 Indian Gymkhana v/s Shivaji Park Gymkhana, 1969
12 National C. C. v/s Shivaji Park Gymkhana
12 Bohra Cricketers v/s Fort Vijay C. C., 1948
Highest Individual Score

232 S. Marathe (C.C.I.) v/s Police Gymkhana, 2013 (Multi Day Format)
209* P. Waghela (Payyade S.C.) v/s Police Gymkhana, 2014 (Multi Day Format)
188 Gopal N. Koli (New Hind S. C.) v/s United Cricketers, 1972
183 R. B. Kenny (Dadar Union S. C.) v/s P. J. Hindu Gymkhana, 1954
Highest Individual
Career Aggregate

5046 M. L. Apte (C. C. I. & Jolly Cricketers)
A. L. Apte (P. J. Hindu Gymkhana & Jolly Cricketers)
3248 A. L. Apte (P. J. Hindu Gymkhana & Jolly Cricketers)
3204 V. L. Manjrekar (Friends Union, Shivaji Park Gymkhana, C. C. I. and P. J. Hindu Gymkhana)
Highest Individual
in a Season

760 N. Patil (Jr.) (C.C.I.) 2014 (Multi Day Format)
560 M. K. Mantri (C. C. I.) 1948
Most Wickets in an Innings

10 for 20, V. Dutt (Dadar Union S. C.) v/s Rajasthan S. C., 1982
10 for 30, A. Abraham (Sunder C. C.) v/s Sind Hindus, 1952
10 for 40, B. L. Dalal (Fort Vijay C. C.) v/s Gaud Saraswat C. C., 1956
10 for 102, P. Sahu (Payyade S.C.) v/s M.I.G. C.C., 2014 (Multi Day Format)
Most Wickets in a Match

17 for 44, P. S. Shetty (Jolly Cricketers) v/s M. B. Union C. C., 1978
17 for 49, B. R. Irani (Baronet C. C.), 1948
Most Wickets in a Season

94 for 256 in 12 matches, P. K. Shivalkar (Shivaji   Park Gymkhana), 1972
 93 for 717 in 12 matches, B. R. Irani (Baronet C. C.), 1948
Most Wickets in a Career

759 V. S. Patil (Dadar Union S. C.)
743 B. R. Irani (Baronet C. C. & Parsee Cyclists S.C.)
564 P. K. Shivalkar (C. C. I. & Shivaji Park Gymkhana)
459 R. B. Desai (Shivaji Park Gymkhana)
379 K. R. Panjri (MYC, Dadar Union S. C. & National     C. C.)
Most Victims Behind The Wickets
202 Mobin Shaikh (Rajasthan S. C. & Victory C.C.)
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