How many wickets did Umesh Kulkarni took in his first-class cricket career?

A.  12
B.  29
C.  40
D.  63

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Will India, win the ICC World Test Championship Final against New Zealand to be held in England?

Mental Toughness Series for Players
COVID-19 is proving to be the biggest crisis that mankind has witnessed in recent times. It has brought cricket to a complete standstill in the country. Mumbai Cricket Association is committed to the development and promotion of the game under its jurisdiction and it understands that numerous cricketers in the city are facing tough times due to prohibition of cricketing activities which may be a cause of anxiety among them.
To help the players, MCA is starting a new initiative of providing series of video sessions for players on the topic of mental toughness. MCA will keep on adding new episodes on a regular basis for the benefit of all the players who have been confined to indoor settings due to COVID-19 pandemic. The Association hopes that these videos by Dr. Shilpa Desai prove to be beneficial to all the players.
Dr. Shilpa Desai, Ph.D, is an established health psychologist, scientist & wellness expert with over two decades of experience in bringing holistic wellness to people of all ages. Known for her contributions in the Sports & Public healthcare with Scientific result oriented Wellness,Health & Hygiene. She founded, C4 Integrated Wellness, a company that works on the concept of offering Complete Care to Cure solutions.Her belief that “a healthy mind residing in a healthy body, is the core to happy and successful living”, has been the guiding principle of her revolutionary work. Her active contributions are highly regarded in the industry. Thus, She is also a part of several groups as a Trustee and Board Member. She Promote “Atmanirbhar Bharat” by her project consultation to create new innovation to make life sustainable.
Mental Toughness Series Videos