MCA >>> Rules of Cricket
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  Clothing and Equipment Regulations
  Download PDF (File size 314Kb) | Download Zip (File size 144Kb)
  Principles of Natural Justice
  Download PDF (File size 94Kb) | Download Zip (File size 61Kb)
  Classification of Official Cricket
  Download PDF (File size 69Kb) | Download Zip (File size 50Kb)
  Player Eligibility
  Download PDF (File size 22Kb) | Download Zip (File size 16Kb)
  Full Member Requirements
  Download PDF (File size 34Kb) | Download Zip (File size 27Kb)
  ODI and Associate/Affiliate Member Requirements
  Download PDF (File size 59Kb) | Download Zip (File size 50Kb)
  ICC Approved List of International Players
  Download PDF (File size 23Kb) | Download Zip (File size 15Kb)
  ICC Disputes Resolution Committee - Terms of Reference
  Download PDF (File size 44Kb) | Download Zip (File size 31Kb)
  Future Tours Programme Members Agreement
  Download PDF (File size 270Kb) | Download Zip (File size 254Kb)
  ICC Anti Racism Code
  Download PDF (File size 30Kb) | Download Zip (File size 23Kb)
  ICC Anti Doping Code
  Download PDF (File size 309Kb) | Download Zip (File size 189Kb)

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