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Rules :-
The balls will be provided by the Mumbai Cricket Association which can be collected from its office atleast 2 days prior to the match. A club winning the match shall be given another new ball. In the event of the loss of the ball or the ball going out of the shape, the club will use the MCA approved ball from its own stock for further play.
Score sheets duly filled in and signed by both the Captains are to be submitted on the same day of the match.
The winners of the groups A, B, C and D shall qualify for the Division G in the Dr. H. D. Kanga Cricket League 2010. Players participating for a club must have 'Registered' themselves with M. C. A. Each club should ensure that their players are registered with their club. In case, it is established that unregistered player/players has/have participated in the Tournament, the defaulting player/players/clubs shall be penalised as per the Rules of the Association for registration of players.
The matches shall be of one day duration and of 45 overs per side. An over shall consist of 6 balls.
The hours of play shall be 10.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. (1.00 p.m. to 2.00 p.m. Lunch Interval) and 2.00 p.m. to 5.00 p.m.
Model rules of M.C.A. for the limited overs tournaments shall be applicable.
Umpires shall be appointed by the Board of Umpires of M.CA and they shall be paid on the day of the match an honorarium of Rs. 500/- each, inclusive of traveling and all other expenses. The umpiring charges paid in total will be later reimbursed by M.C.A. to the Clubs. The participating clubs should submit the details of the matches on the prescribed proforma latest by 10th June, 2010 to claim the refund of money.
A club playing on ground of its opponent shall pay to the other Club its half share of Rs. 500/- towards the expenses for preparing the pitch and for the amenities like tent/shed/pavilion,furniture etc. and P.W.D. charges.
Both clubs playing on the neutral ground shall pay Rs. 500/- each to the Club on whose ground the match was played towards the expenses for preparing the pitch and for the amenities like tent/shed/pavilion, furniture etc. and P.W.D. charges.
The Club on whose ground the match is played shall be responsible to ensure that the pitch is properly prepared and the creases are duly marked failing which, the payment due to the club may be withheld.
If a match is abandoned without a ball being bowled, the club which is playing on the ground of its opponent or both the clubs playing on the neutral ground shall pay Rs. 100/- each to the clubs on whose ground the match was to be played towards the expenses for preparing the ground and for the amenities like tent/shed/pavilion, furniture etc. provided these things were offered to the teams when they arrived at the ground or in reasonable time thereafter.
The ground and umpiring charges are to be paid immediately on conclusion or abandonment of the match.
The players of such clubs which do not qualify to play in the League Proper will be eligible to play only for the clubs drawn to play in Divisions E, F & G of Dr. H. D. Kanga Cricket League only after obtaining prior sanction from the Hon. Secretary, Registration Sub Committee.
However, the players of such clubs which qualify to play in Division G in the Kanga League shall have to play from the same clubs for whom they participated in the Knock Out rounds.
A club which gives walkover in favour of its opponent will not be allowed to participate in the tournament for a period of three years and in addition shall pay its half share of ground and umpiring charges for that match.
The interpretation of these rules, construction and effect shall rest entirely with the Dr. H. D. Kanga Cricket League Sub Committee whose decision on all matters whether covered or not by the Rules shall be final and binding on all the participating clubs.
The Dr. H. D. Kanga Cricket League Sub Committee shall be the sole arbitrator at all disputes. The Committee shall be entitled either on its own motion or on a complaint lodged or a protest registered by any club, to investigate and finally decide on all matters.
A protest must be registered within 48 hours after the completion of the match with a deposit of Rs. 1500/- which will be forfeited in case the same is rejected. No protest shall be entertained against the decision of the Umpires.
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