Against which opponent did Rohit Sharma made his ODI Debut?

A.  Ireland
B.  England
C.  Australia
D.  Sri Lanka

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Will India, win the Test Series against Australia to be held in Australia?

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Circular for Affiliated Clubs
Friday, November 20 2020
MCA News
The COVID-19 pandemic has stopped the cricketing activities across the country since March 2020. The Association is closely monitoring the situation and has already applied for permission from the State Government to resume cricketing activities which is still awaited.
With regards to the local tournaments, we have to assure all the affiliated clubs that the Association has their best interests at its heart and will work tirelessly to organize local tournaments. We would like to take this opportunity to confirm that the Association will make sure that tournaments are organized for all the maidan and office clubs once we receive the requisite permission from the State Government.
The Association will continue to support and grow cricketing activities in Mumbai.
Sanjay Naik
Shahalam Shaikh
Jt. Secretary
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