How many runs did Rohit Sharma scored in the Ranji Trophy matches for the season 2009-2010?

A.  346
B.  432
C.  527
D.  680

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Will India, win the Test Series against Bangladesh?

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Expression of Interest for MCA Standing Committee Member
Monday, November 14 2022
MCA News
Hon. Secretaries
Clubs affiliated to Mumbai Cricket Association
Mumbai Cricket Association is comprised of its member clubs who have contributed to the success of Mumbai cricket over the years. The contribution of affiliated clubs has not just been on the ground but they have also contributed immensely in administration of the game of cricket.
Constitution of MCA provides for 14 elected members who serve on the Apex Council of the Association. We understand that there are many more members who are willing to serve the Association in different capacities. I, on behalf of the newly elected Apex Council, wish to inform you that we intend to give opportunity to each and every member willing to serve MCA in any capacity. We want to promote maximum participation of members in the functioning of the Association. One such opportunity is by serving on one of the Standing Committees of the Association.
We request the representatives of member clubs to submit the enclosed form expressing their interest to serve on the Standing Committee of MCA. The duly filled in forms should be submitted to the office of the Association on or before 15th December 2022.
Click here to download form.
Amol Kale
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