How many runs did Shreyas Iyer scored in Ranji Trophy season 2015-2016?

A.  888
B.  979
C.  1175
D.  1321

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MCA Scorers Availability Form for the season 2024-2025
Tuesday, July 09 2024
MCA News
All MCA Scorers are requested to fill the availability form for the season 2024-2025 by clinking on the link below and submit it latest by Monday, 15th July 2024. Non receipt of this proforma before the cut off date shall be considered as your non availability for the forthcoming season.
Note: This is applicable only for Current MCA Scorers. Those who are not MCA Scorers please do not fill the form.
Click here to fill and submit MCA Scorer Availability Form Online.
Ajinkya Naik
Deepak Patil
Jt. Secretary
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