How many runs did Shreyas Iyer scored in Ranji Trophy season 2015-2016?

A.  888
B.  979
C.  1175
D.  1321

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Will India, win the Test Series against Bangladesh in India?

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Mohan Manoj Akre
Year of Commencement 2001
Date of Birth 20/09/67 (mm/dd/yyyy)
Grade III
Raghunath Rajendra Ambhire
Year of Commencement 1995
Date of Birth 20/06/65 (mm/dd/yyyy)
Grade NA-III
Kiran Janardhan Anja
Year of Commencement 1988
Date of Birth 11/12/54 (mm/dd/yyyy)
Grade I
Shabbir A. B. Ansari
Year of Commencement 1989
Date of Birth 07/02/68 (mm/dd/yyyy)
Grade NA-V-A
Raghunath Anil Awalegaonkar
Year of Commencement 2000
Date of Birth 11/06/63 (mm/dd/yyyy)
Grade III
Ayub Syed Khalid
Year of Commencement 1966
Date of Birth 29/08/49 (mm/dd/yyyy)
Grade II
Sumeet Surendranath Babrekar
Year of Commencement 2001
Date of Birth 13/03/84 (mm/dd/yyyy)
Grade NA-V-B
Surendra Balkrishna Babrekar
Year of Commencement 1988
Date of Birth 06/03/51 (mm/dd/yyyy)
Grade II
Sameer Narendra Bandekar
Year of Commencement 1981
Date of Birth 29/10/64 (mm/dd/yyyy)
Grade I
Vilas Manohar Bandiwadekar
Year of Commencement 1992
Date of Birth 13/10/57 (mm/dd/yyyy)
Grade I
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