How many catches did Sandeep Patil held in his first class cricket career?

A.  25
B.  38
C.  66
D.  102

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Sanjay Gangaram Baraskar
Year of Commencement 2003
Date of Birth 14/01/63 (mm/dd/yyyy)
Grade NA-V-B
Anwar Suleman Batatawala
Year of Commencement 2005
Date of Birth 13/10/52 (mm/dd/yyyy)
Grade NA-V-B
Manoj Madhukar Berde
Year of Commencement 1994
Date of Birth 26/06/69 (mm/dd/yyyy)
Grade NA-V-A
Shamkant Sumant Bharadwaj
Year of Commencement 1993
Date of Birth 23/08/59 (mm/dd/yyyy)
Grade III
Ajit Eknath Bhatkar
Year of Commencement 2001
Date of Birth 01/09/62 (mm/dd/yyyy)
Grade V-A
Chandrahas Gajanan Bhatkar
Year of Commencement 1996
Date of Birth 06/06/54 (mm/dd/yyyy)
Grade III
Milind Shailesh Bhatt
Year of Commencement 1999
Date of Birth 21/05/83 (mm/dd/yyyy)
Grade III
Shashikant Shivram Bhaye
Year of Commencement 1999
Date of Birth 11/02/42 (mm/dd/yyyy)
Grade V-A
Shekhar Sadanand Bhise
Year of Commencement 1997
Date of Birth 26/11/76 (mm/dd/yyyy)
Grade III
Pramod Rajaram Boga
Year of Commencement 1996
Date of Birth 03/02/72 (mm/dd/yyyy)
Grade III
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