How many catches did Sandeep Patil held in his first class cricket career?

A.  25
B.  38
C.  66
D.  102

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Expression Of Interest for Hospitality Boxes at Wankhede Stadium
Monday, August 14 2023
MCA News
The Association invites Expression Of Interest to secure rights to view matches from hospitality box at Wankhede Stadium.
Interested parties should send email with subject "EOI for Hospitality Box at Wankhede Stadium" requesting to provide tender document on tenders@mumbaicricket.com
Parties should also provide following information in the said email.
• Name of Party
• Contact Number
• Email Id for Correspondence
• Address of Correspondence
Bids can be submitted in sealed envelope at the office of the Association on or before Thursday, 24th August 2023 till 06.00 pm.
Ajinkya Naik
Deepak Patil
Jt. Secretary
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